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Information system uniquely built for clinical laboratories.

Health care requirements are different from any other industry. Our platform is specifically designed to natively accommodate the standards of health care.
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Our Story

We've gone through the pain of using other applications that were not tailored for our own industry, and the expenses that come along when trying to customize these applications.

Our Vision

Our experience is what made us put our heads together to create applications that can ease the day to day roadblocks for health care companies and improve their strenuous processes.

Our Apps

We've created our Sales Management Portal and Reports Portal for the specific needs of clinical laboratories and sales teams.

Who are we

Sales Management Portal

The CareConnect Sales Management Portal is designed to accommodate your internal and contracted sales force with mobile capabilities.

Sales Management Portal

Dashboard Analytics

With our advanced Dashboard Analytics you can stay on top of all of your sales numbers at all times.

Specimen Handling

Easily drill down into all specimen related information from accessioning to reimbursement.

Mobile Accessibility

Stay in touch with your business on the go. Easily communicate with your teams through tasks, monitor sales performance, and get notified on updates with instant mobile notifications.


Live notifications help you stay updated on all business activities and respond quickly to important updates.


Task driven messages help track and monitor business related information. Easily communicate with your points of contact in a secure workflow.

Account Registration

Register new accounts quickly and on the go through the application. The registration process is straight forward and tailored toward our industry.


Monitor your sales pipeline and team activity. Convert leads to accounts by staying on track of your business.

How it works

Reports Portal

Easy report generation from lab instrument data to branded pdf and distribution to referring providers


- Automatic fax delivery

- Advanced delivery options and the ability to send to individual practice locations

- Customizable notifications to let you know when reports are ready

- A scalable reports solution


"So much easier to manage our internal and contracted sales teams."

Request demo
Request demo

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Tel: 609-235-1600

100 Princeton South Corporate Center,

Suite 100, Ewing, NJ 08628

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